About us

APD, alloying talent and experience

APD Fundición Equipo

APD is a family-owned company founded by a team of expert professionals with extensive experience in the non-ferrous metal casting industry. Since its establishment, APD has been committed to continuously improving its internal processes through a sustained investment program. This has enabled us to establish and consolidate ourselves as a technologically advanced and leading company in the sector, both nationally and internationally.

Quality, APD’s leitmotif

Offering maximum quality at all levels is APD’s top priority: In selecting the best raw materials, essential for the uniformity of the products we offer.

In manufacturing products that ensure the best quality-price ratio for the requirements and needs of each customer.

In manufacturing processes, optimizing resources to improve the final result.

In our relationship with our customers, suppliers, and employees, the lifeblood of our company.

Our commitment to sustainability and the environment is our past, present, and future

Sustainability and environmental commitment are the seeds of our future and are part of APD’s DNA.

As an Authorized Waste Manager by the Government of Catalonia with number E-856.04 for the Recycling and Recovery of metals and metal compounds, over 95% of the inputs used in the production process come from metal recycling.

We have ISO 9001:2000 Certification in Quality Management Systems for the manufacture and sale of copper-based ingots and bars, including tin bronze, aluminum bronze, and HTB brass, among others. Bureau Veritas (2004)

Pure circular economy with increasingly sustainable production processes that minimize CO2 emissions.

Our History

APD begins its journey

The family group acquires ownership of the company ANFESA and starts its journey in the manufacturing of copper-based alloy ingots.

The APD Group is born

APD expands its product range with the manufacturing of continuous cast copper alloy bars and flat bars, creating the company Eurosuin Bronces, S.L. Thus, APD Group is formed, comprised of Aleaciones, Prealeaciones y Desoxidantes S.L. and Eurosuin Bronces, S.L.

New headquarters

The continued growth in business volume of APD Group generates new structural needs leading to the creation of a new 13,000 m2 factory. Equipped with the most modern technologies and facilities, the new headquarters of APD Group was inaugurated in January 2002.

Expansion of facilities and services

The ongoing expansion of APD Group leads to the purchase of adjacent facilities, bringing the total available space to over 20,000 m2. This move solidifies and increases production capacity, as well as material management, with the aim of providing better service to customers.

The new APD

In September of this year, Aleaciones, Prealeaciones y Desoxidantes S.L. absorbs the company Eurosuin Bronces, S.L., becoming APD, a new brand that encompasses all facets of the business and presents itself as a solid alternative in the current global market.

APD 4.0

The process of industrial automation begins. APD embarks on its journey towards Industry 4.0.

APD increases its Continuous Casting production capacity

The installation and commissioning of APD's second Continuous Casting line are completed in 2024. This increase in production capacity is intended to strengthen the company's presence in the European market.