Fast, efficient, flexible and personalized service.  APD - Bronze and Brass Foundry is focused on customer service.We offer solutions adapted to each individual requirement.  Fast answers on all type of requirements are offered thanks to our production systems and our permanent stock.

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Bronze and Brass Foundry


Quality is an intrinsic value of APD - Bronze and Brass Foundry, on all levels: in the selection of our raw materials, in the manufacture of uniform products, in the optimization of our price-quality relationship and in the development of all our production processes. It is only by working in this way that we are able to offer the maximum guarantees.


APD is an expert in smelting processes and alloys, with a long history and experience in their sector and a team of highly qualified professionals.
With a recognized prestige in the market, APD - Bronze and Brass Foundry is able to offer full guarantee for all its products and production processes, in terms of delivery  and service. The result from our 25 years’ experience is an stable portfolio from worldwide customers.