We are a step ahead of your needs, we anticipate the best solutions.

A step ahead of your needs, we anticipate the best solutions

Direct contact with our clients not only allows us to work together to adapt our products to their requirements and expectations, but also to anticipate their future needs and to offer the best solutions.

Our pro-active attitude is an essential value in our working system, and it is practiced in our R+D department to offer all the technical assistance and advice that our clients require. Also for research and development of new products, techniques and production processes aimed at optimizing resources and improving our products and services. All of this done in collaboration with accredited laboratories that are specialized in metallurgical processes.

We are everyday innovating on brass, bronze and copper alloys casting.

APD Laboratory

Our laboratory is equipped with modern spectrometers for quantitative chemical analysis, both for raw materials and final products.

A portable X-ray fluorescence analyzer enables us to analyze our raw materials directly in our warehouses.

At APD we also analyze the mechanical properties from the materials that we manufacture, for which we use a durometer and a traction machine.

All our laboratory staff are trained in accordance with the current legislation for handling these systems and tools.