APD, your ally in copper-based alloys

In APD, we are passionate about metallurgy. Our proactive approach over the years has enabled us to collaborate with our customers, tailoring our products to their needs and anticipating future solutions.

We have a team of professionals with specific training in metallurgy, motivated towards continuous improvement and excellence of our products and processes. To this end, we have the following equipment:

Optical emission spectrometers

enabling us to analyze the chemical composition of 7 different matrices.

Mechanical testing equipment

(Brinell hardness and tensile strength), which allows us to accurately assess the performance of our products.

Optical microscope

for the microstructural analysis of materials.

Portable X-ray Analyzer

that allows us to analyze raw materials directly in the warehouse.

Laboratory induction furnace

with a capacity of up to 1 kg, for the melting and analysis of materials.

Building the future together

Our metallurgical department collaborates with technological centers and universities to achieve common goals.

Do you have any concerns or doubts about any of your alloys?

We can work with you to achieve the best product adapted to the increasingly demanding requirements of the market.

We can and want to be a reliable partner in your projects; your satisfaction, our success!